7 SHTF Events That You Should be Aware of (And Plan For)

7 SHTF Events That You Should Be Aware Of (And Plan For Them)

Can you think of any instance where you are fully prepared? There are bound to be some.

Maybe you know CPR to save someone’s life, how to stay calm and put out a fire, but do you know how to truly get out of a worst-case scenario?

I’m talking about absolute SHTF moments that seem catastrophic, and often are. For those, you need a separate SHTF plan, and it varies depending on the situation.

We’re going to outline some of those events. They’re not all end-of-the-world like you might think, but as a survivor, an adapter, these are real-world situations that you can find yourself in, and find your way out of.

What is the Meaning of SHTF?

It’s when the s**t hits the fan, pure and simple.

A SHTF scenario is used to describe something that’s just about as bad as it can get. As far as your imagination can take you, it’s the worst version of that situation possible.

This includes loss of stability in your own life, government takeovers, food shortages, enemies on domestic soil, full-blown war, epidemics and pandemics, and hazardous situations that require you to up and leave without thinking twice.

They’re things you never want to encounter, but you ready yourself for because you know it’s a possibility.

You don’t have to uproot your current life to plan ahead for these things, either. Here’s what could happen, and what to do.

SHTF Events You Need to be Prepared for

Not all of these are world-ending, but they are disrupting and potentially hazardous.

Flooding and Wildfires

California Wildfires

Floods are one of those things that just happen.

No amount of sump pumps or retaining walls are going to prevent it, unless you rebuild your home on a fifty-foot foundation.

However, that’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

A flood is harder to avoid than a fire. Have a bag ready, and when the water starts rising, seek higher ground on foot. You don’t want to be trapped in a car on the highway with everyone else when it starts reaching your knees.

As for wildfires, there are some things you can do to protect your assets.

Lock away all yard items like chairs, children’s toys and anything that isn’t nailed down. Keep it away from the house, in a shed. Water the lawn, and leave the sprinklers on when you leave.

And you do need to leave.

Wildfires are no joke. Bug out at the first sign of trouble.

Failing Economy

Failing economy

Widespread bankruptcy, stock market collapse, major lay-offs and unemployment numbers hitting new heights—didn’t that brief list just make you feel uncomfortable?

Imagine if it actually happened, and how it would impact other people.

I say it like this, because other people are going to panic while you keep a level head. It’s going to look like you’re the only one not on their side.

An economic collapse can be endured with the same tips we’ll give for job loss or career collapse: grow your own food, get your own energy, collect rainwater.

Be as self-sufficient as possible, and you’ll be completely set to fly right.

Job Loss or Career Collapse

Job loss or Carrier Collapse

Job loss is a serious thing. It’s definitely classified as a SHTF scenario, even though it’s not society- or world-ending.

However, it affects you, and it will affect your family.

The best way to prepare for this is to deck out your homestead.

Grow your own food. Gather your own energy. Collect rainwater. Anything you can do to live off the land.

If nothing else, this will augment or supplement your current living situation, and allow you to stretch funding for two or three times longer than usual.

It’s not the most pleasant way to handle it, but you will get through it, because you’re a survivor at heart.

Uncommon Natural Disasters

This could include earthquakes if you’re in an area that doesn’t usually get them, or a nor’easter if you’re not in a climate that usually gets hit that hard.

Uncommon can be defined by what you’re used to, and your geographical location.

It’s easy to panic when it’s not a normal thing. People in New England barely bat an eye at two feet of snow, and you have Florida residents who shrug at hurricanes. It’s all contextual.

You need to have a way to get far away from home if this happens, depending on how bad it is.

If you have a fortified homestead that can handle it, you can try to hunker down, but it’s usually best to displace yourself from the situation until the disaster subsides, or hopefully passes overhead without causing too much damage to your home.

Power Grid Failure or Hostile Takeover

Geomagnetic Storms

There have been numerous attempted attacks on our power grid. It’s a way to destabilize any nation; we’re so dependent on energy that we don’t know how to function otherwise.

That’s because we’re not into the single-serving grid system just yet. We’re talking about full solar, wind and hydro energy reliance. Hopefully it will happen soon, but for now, we’re just not there yet.

An attack on the power grid is going to sow the seed of civil unrest after a short amount of time.

In this instance, it’s important to have solar panels or a backup battery grid system for your homestead.

If you have power, such as the lights on, then you’re going to be a target if the power attack goes on for too long. Hoard energy, hide your solar panels from clear view, and keep a low profile. Have bags at-the-ready in case you need to head out.

Rioting and Civil Unrest (Anarchy)

Riots in the US today

This could be caused by other things on this list, such as nuclear war, major job losses across the board, or a failing economy.

We’ve seen rioting and civil unrest in almost every nation, even those who aren’t quite so free.

Stay away from all of the rioting. It doesn’t end with a fight against the establishment; it can take to the crowd and people can, and often will start combating each other when they truly have nothing to lose.

Have your bag and preferably a vehicle at-the-ready. Bring the necessary tools with you to perform maintenance on it, and enough spare gasoline since the gas stations will likely be shut down or siphoned before the first twenty-four hours.

Nuclear War or Foreign Agents on Domestic Soil

Nuclear Attacks

Okay, so this is the last thing you want keeping you up at night, but it’s a possibility in our global climate.

Nuclear war.

Every time you hear about it, we hear the same nations: Russia, North Korea, even our own United States arsenal that could be used to combat it. It’s scary stuff.

So how do you prepare for it?

There’s only so much you can do to prepare for this. Have your bug-out bag, have your preconfigured secondary location with natural resource spots, and pray that the debris and fallout doesn’t rain down on you.

Being Ready for Come-What-May

No matter what happens, you need to be ready.

Food, supplies, and an exit strategy will ensure your family’s survival, as well as your own.

Being ready for anything means finding a balance to accept what happens and adapt to it, but not letting it consume your daily life.

Stay healthy, relatively fit, and capable of handling all the stamina-draining exercises that go into executing a SHTF plan when and if the time comes.

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