What is the Best Food for Preppers: 8 Top Picks

What Is The Best Food For Preppers - 8 Top Picks

It’s not exactly easy to find the best preppers food.

Well, it used to be more difficult than it is now.

Before, you had to rely on what you could make, but now the market has opened up. With the scares over the last fifty-or-so years and global media being available around the clock, 24/7/365, people finally understand that they need to prepare for worst-case scenarios.

We’re in the golden age of prepper-ready food. Let’s take a look at the best of the best.

Dry Beans

Driead Beans

Beans are like nature’s superfood that trumps all else.

Dried beans can be stored for ridiculously long amounts of time. Sure, you’ll get sick of them after a while, but they’re inexpensive and ultra effective.

Beans pack in protein, fiber, and essential vitamins and minerals that are required to maintain numerous bodily functions.

You don’t have to buy some special bean mix from a prepper food company, either; you can inconspicuously purchase beans in small to medium-sized batches, one at a time each time you go to the store.

Just be certain that storage temperature requirements are met to prevent spoiling.

Preserved Rice

Rice Use

So what is preserved rice?

Airtight containers that you seal rice in.

White and brown rice are both known for absorbing massive amounts of moisture. I mean, just look at how much you need to be able to cook it.

Preserving it can make it an easy meal that fills you up and keeps hunger at bay. If you can, choose brown rice over white every time.

Brown rice actually contains protein, but it also has fiber and helps regulate your hunger throughout the day. It’s known for fighting high blood sugar and preventing high cholesterol.

Apart from all that, it tastes pretty good. It’s an adjustment if you’re used to white rice, but it can hold flavors and spice well, and is perfectly fine on its own.

Canned Meats

Canned Meats

You can only do so much without protein-rich sources.

There’s rice and protein powders, sure, but nothing beats getting it straight from the source.

There’s some trepidation with canned meat, but after the first time you eat it, it’s not so bad.

It’s prepared just like all other canned food. You just have to add a bit of spice to it.

Mixing this with other foods we’ve listed here will not only round out your meal, but it will provide an apex of nutrition that you’ll certainly need in a survival situation.

Canned meat tends to last for upwards of five years, and sometimes more. Pay attention to the expiration dates if you’re concerned about preserving flavor.

Power Bars/Protein Bars

protein bar

Quick, easy, doesn’t take more than five seconds to pull out of the wrapper—the perfect on-the-go companion.

Protein bars do what they say: they provide you with protein. Generally, you get about 20-30 grams from a single bar, and the human body only needs around 60 grams for an average sedentary man.

Obviously, you’ll on the trail and not exactly sedentary, but it’s still a good chunk out of what you’ll need in a day.

They’re relatively inexpensive to buy in bulk, but they don’t have the longest expiration dates. A few years at best.

So why is it still considered a good prepper food? It’s lightweight, easy, and ready to eat with no prep required. We’d call that very survival situation friendly.

Protein Powder

protein scoops

You need to get your protein in, one way or another.

You can freeze dry meat or bring jerky along, but it’s often not wise to do so (partially because of the sodium content).

Instead, you can get equal or greater amounts of protein by making a mixture of protein powder.

You don’t have to bring the whole ridiculously sized can, either. Get water bottles, clean and dry them out, and put in the right amount to mix 16 oz of water into.

It’s a fast way to be able to filter water on-the-go while in the wilderness, pop it in the bottle, and boom—instant breakfast.

You can also use protein powder as an additive for other dishes, making it a bit easier to supplement meals with lower quality ingredients. Every bit you can stretch will help.

Powdered Milk

Milk Powder

This is for short-term survival. You can get a lot of vitamin D from freeze dried milk, and it’s a decent supplement of protein as well.

Powdered milk will also be useful if you pack protein powder and have a high supply of water in your bug-out spot or bunker.

The thing with powdered milk is that it’s hard to seal back up. You’re essentially putting a very short time limit on it once you open the package.

If you can find individual pouches of it, it’s wise to invest in those instead of canisters with lids.

Keep as much of this handy as possible. Rehydrating it is simple, and tastes great with minimal effort required.

Emergency Buckets

You’ve probably seen them advertised on the news at 3:30 AM in hotel lobbies. Long-term food buckets with seemingly delicious, gourmet meals.

You really have to do you research on these; there are tons of companies offering them.

They do serve a purpose, though. Some brands actually make good freeze-dried food that will last for the 25+ year period stated on the packaging.

You know… some of them. Others just taste like garbage and don’t keep for long.

They’re important for long-term survival strategies, though. If you plan for the fallout or have an underground bunker/shelter somewhere in the woods near your home, then it’s good to have a few of these handy.

Oats and Oatmeal

Oatmeal and Oat

Oats supply a decent amount of protein, and taste fantastic in almost every dish you put them into. It’s a great way to keep food from being bland when you’re on-the-go.

Apart from being high in fiber, it also lasts for ages in any storage condition. Even if it’s a slightly humid atmosphere, you just have to have sealed containers and it’ll be okay.

There’s a difference between oats and instant oats. Instant will spoil sooner (despite what packaging says), because most have dairy-based flavor additives or cooking agents.

Cooking agents are those bits of powder you see in a bowl of Quaker Instant Oats. They help the water boil faster and cook the oats rapidly. Good for convenience, not for long-term storage.

If you’re surviving with children in your party, then it’s important to have food that they’re going to enjoy. The process of getting a child to eat food that they don’t want is egregious. In a worst-case scenario, some oatmeal is an easy breakfast.

Time to Stock Up

If you’re not already stocking up right now, then you’re not going to be prepared when the SHTF. Rather, if it happens.

But who wants to deal with that if, especially when it comes to hunger?

Be prepared. Use the right food for protein, fiber, and minerals that help maintain your bodily functions.

You never know how long it’s going to be before the lights come back on, or before it’s safe to come home. You could bug-out, bug-in, or begin an arduous travel across the country if things really get that bad. Just don’t do it hungry.

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